Veggie Lovers’ Club

*Our Veggie Lovers’ Club CSA Program is SOLD OUT for 2018!  Thank you so much for your interest.  We will also be at Lady of the Lake Fridays from 10 – 2 from June 15 – Sept 28, and hope to see you there!  If you’d like to be added to our cancellations list, please send us an email.

Veggie Lovers’ Club 2018 Summer & Fall Session


Do you love fresh & beautiful local produce grown with care on a family-run farm?

If you’re a Veggie Lover, consider becoming a part of our 2018 Summer Session Veggie Lovers’ Club and receive weekly bags of seasonal farm fresh bounty for 16 weeks from July until mid-October.  Early in the season the bags will contain lots of greens, and later in the season it will shift to storage vegetables. We will do our best to ensure that you get a good sampling of all of the many veggies we produce on the farm throughout the season.

Membership Guide


We encourage members to bookmark this page and refer to it first when you have questions to save us time answering emails.  If you don’t find the answer to your question, send us an email and we will make sure it gets included in the guide!

Each week you will receive a bag of seasonally available produce from the farm, carefully selected by your farmers. A weekly newsletter will keep you updated on the farm and farmers and provide you with recipe ideas and cooking & storage tips. We also have a handy Veggie Guide on our website which you can refer to for all the info on the veggies we grow. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see what we’re up to.
We will be able to share with you what will be in your weekly bag on our website blog a few days prior to delivery to help you with meal planning & grocery shopping.

At the pickup location we are able to offer a small selection of additional veggies for purchase each week. We also offer some custom ordering (in addition to the weekly bag) of certain items for our Club members as well.

How it Works:
There are 2 different options you can sign up for:

14040183_1223065764391050_531903289632269476_n16 Week Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag
$400.00/16 weeks (July 3 – Oct. 16)

24 Week Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag 
$600.00/24 weeks (July 3 – Dec. 11)

Each week the contents of your bag will average $24 of fresh farm produce. The program includes a $1/week admin fee (included in the total price) which pays for 2 reuseable bags that you will keep at the end of the program, and helps to cover some of our admin time & costs (writing weekly newsletters, responding to emails, printing recipes, etc).

I have a big family, is there a larger size bag?
We keep things simple and offer only one size so that you have room to supplement your bag by placing an order or buying additional produce at the pickup or the farmer’s market.  If you like, you are welcome to sign up for 2 bags, which means you’ll have twice as much produce to work with each week!  Please email us if you would like this option.

Pickup location:img_5539
Stanley Park, 14th Street and Lorne Ave. downtown Brandon, Tuesdays between 4:30 – 6 pm
*Please note:
if you are signing up for the 24-week program, we hope to move to an indoor location for the final 6-8 weeks of pickups, location TBA (it will be relatively close to the park and announced long before in case it doesn’t work for anyone).

We do not require you to pay in advance, though we do require that the $20 deposit be paid prior to June 1 so we can confirm your enrollment in the program. Please see below for payment installment options.

We encourage you to help save us admin time in the summer and provide us with post-dated cheques for the duration of the program when you send in your deposit, or at the first delivery.

Payment can be made in full, or in 2 or 3 installments:

16 Week Option:momtericanola
$20 deposit PLUS one payment of $380, due July 3
$20 deposit PLUS two payments of $190, due July 3 and September 4
$20 deposit PLUS three payments of $127, due July 3, August 7, September 4

24 Week Option:
$20 deposit PLUS one payment of $580, due July 3
$20 deposit PLUS two payments of $290, due July 3 and September 4
$20 deposit PLUS three payments of $194, due July 3, August 7, September 4

We are happy to discuss other payment options if none of these work for you.
Please make cheques payable to Brown Sugar Produce and mail to: Site 520 Box 40 RR5 Brandon Manitoba R7A 5Y5. We are also able to accept Email Money Transfer. Please use the email address and include the answer to your security question in a separate email.
Contact us if you need to make other arrangements to get us the program payment.

Some other things you need to knowimg_5989

Don’t Forget!
We won’t forget about you, so we encourage you to set appropriate reminders for each delivery to remember to pick up your bag. If you miss a pickup due to forgetting, you will still owe for that delivery! This is because we have done our part getting the produce ready for you and delivered it, and rescheduling pickups is a hassle we’d prefer to avoid.

Farm pickups are very time-consuming and inconvenient for us and so are not possible in the summer.

Missing a Week
If you are going to be away for one of the pickup dates, consider asking a friend, family member, or co-worker to pick it up for you. If you need to skip delivery for a week, let us know by Monday noon at the latest and we can provide credit towards purchases at the mini-market at the pickup, pre-orders, (or a double bag week) in the future. If you do not let us know in advance your payment will still be due for that week and no credit will be given.

For cases of missed pickup due to extenuating circumstances, illness or emergency, please contact us as soon as you are able and we’ll get it sorted out.

Communication with the Farm and Farmers
We prefer email over any other method of communication and will not accept contact regarding your account over Facebook, Instagram, or text message.  Email allows us to share the incoming messages easily with each other (Teri and Stephanie both manage the farm in different locations but share the email account).  Having only one incoming stream of messages helps us make sure we don’t miss anything.
Each pickup requires a lot of organization and so the sooner you can let us know, the easier we can accommodate your request.

We do not have good phone reception at the farm and so that is another reason why email is preferred, but if you do need to call please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you.  It is hard to answer our phones when we are busy most of the time doing dirty and wet work or driving!

Sorry, our program is currently full!  Send us an email if you’d like to be added to our cancellations list!
After you are registered, please send in your $20 deposit to confirm your space by June 1.

General CSA FAQs: In case you want to know more (this section is not required reading)

How many people will my bag feed?
This is by far the most frequently asked question when people are signing up for a CSA, 14192666_764249690381054_7129792673333794689_nand it’s one of the hardest to answer. Consider how many veggies you would need to purchase at the Farmer’s Market to last you a week. This bag is an average $24/week value, and so is by no means meant to feed a family for an entire week. If you are vegan/vegetarian or simply eat a lot of veggies, the bag may only last you 2 – 3 meals. If you only cook at home occasionally or have a small household it may be enough for a week. The size of the bag allows you to supplement with other purchases at the Farmer’s Market, our small market at the pickup location, or grocery store. There is also the option to sign up for 2 weekly bags if you know 1 is not going to be enough.

But what if I don’t like something?
The idea of a regular veggie subscription is to make things easier for us farmers by allowing us to plan in advance what will be needed each week and grow it to order. As a Veggie Lover, it’s a great way to eat the best of the season and to occasionally try something new. It’s important to be open minded with farm fresh vegetables: sometimes, a bad childhood experience can spoil a person on a veggie, but often when they try it fresh from the farm with a different preparation they can end up loving it (e.g. boiled spinach is simply a crime against spinach!). That being said, we all have different tastes and so if there’s something you just can’t stomach, consider sharing it with a grateful friend, family member, or neighbour.14102307_1233759439988349_7846732469731190144_n

At this point we can’t accommodate any substitutions in the Veggie Lovers’ Club, but we do provide a weekly Trade Bag at the pickup which you can use to swap items you won’t use for something you will.

In the case of an allergy or food intolerance, please contact us prior to signing up and we will let you know if it’s something we can work with.

Am I taking on any risk?
With our CSA we don’t expect our customers to share any of the risk, other than the reality of farming in the sense that not every crop works out every year. For example, 2016 was a year where the majority of tomatoes in the province got blight. We escaped the blight with our high tunnel and the lion’s share of those tomatoes did go to our members, despite the demand at market being ridiculously high. Since you choose to commit to the farm, we do our best to make sure our members get treated well.
In the event of a single crop failure we will fill in with something else, and it is not out of the question that we may fill gaps by buying from other suppliers who meet our production standards (we are committed to being transparent and will let you know if we ever decide to do this).

Click Here to read the Membership Agreement


What last year’s members had to say:

‘Teri and Stephanie are the best part of veggie club. So lovely to get to know them and the produce is amazing. I love the recipe cards and blog post every week.”

“Loved the addition of the pre-order option this year! Enjoyed the variety and the recipe suggestions to go with the lesser known/used veg. Also found the weekly blog extremely helpful with all the tips! Thanks for another great year!”

“So many fresh and delicious veggies, we’ve been eating so healthy! I never thought I’d love salad so much. Lots of variety and things I’ve never tried before. Really enjoy the program and everything you guys do”

“I love the veggie lovers club! And I like the preorder option and then I’m only picking up veggies once a week compared to having to go to the market another day :).”


“As I do not have the time needed to devote to a full garden of my own, this is the closest most convenient way to eat a wide variety of fresh, local veggies. It is a lifestyle choice I value greatly … you provide an amazing service!”

“We loved the whole concept, every thing about it was great for us. I loved the challenge of getting our teen to eat more veggies, she has even started eating roast carrots!!!”

“Excellent quality, packaged with care, initial cleaning, communication with Teri and Steph always quick response and helpful. We learn so much about local farming. Connections with other farmers. Everything !!”

Here are photos of our weekly bag contents from 2017: