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Please note: Our 2021 Program is at capacity and not accepting new members in Brandon. Each year the spaces open first to renewals for members from the previous year. With high renewal rates and no planned expansion to the program this year, we don’t expect to open any spaces to new members in 2021 in Brandon (There will be a few spaces for new members in Rivers). We are an intentionally small farm and have a limit to how many members we can serve so that we can ensure a high standard of quality and service. Most important to us is cultivating strong relationships and connections with the people we are growing food for.

Veggie Lovers’ Club 2021 Summer & Fall Program

Fresh, delicious produce grown with Love on a family farm – our weekly Veggie Lovers Club provides exceptional produce & service to members in Brandon & Rivers, Manitoba. Relationships are at the core of what we do: Connecting with amazing folks fuels our passion for growing food for people.

How it Works

Each week you will receive a bag of seasonally ripe produce from the farm, carefully selected by your farmers. A weekly newsletter will keep you updated on the farm and farmers and provide you with recipe ideas and cooking & storage tips. We also have a handy Veggie Guide on our website which you can refer to for all the info on the veggies we grow, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re up to!

We will be able to share with you what will be in your weekly bag on our website blog a few days prior to delivery (on Saturdays) to help you with meal planning & grocery shopping. We also offer some custom ordering for our Club members as well.

There are 4 different options you can sign up for:

24 Week Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag $600.00
June 22 – Nov 30 (Tuesday Pickups 4:00 – 6:00)

14 Week Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag $380.00
July 6 – Oct 5 (Tuesday Pickup 4:00 – 6:00)

RIVERS 14 Week Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag $380.00
July 7 – Oct 6 (Wednesday Pickup 5:00 – 7:00)

8 Week Fall Veggie Lovers’ Club Bag $220.00
Oct 12 – Nov 30 (Tuesday Pickup 4:00 – 6:00)

We do not require you to pay in advance, though we do require that a $20 deposit be paid prior to May 1 so we can confirm your enrollment in the program.
Payment can be made in full, or in 2 or 3 installments (due the first pickup of the month):

24 Week Option: $600
$20 deposit PLUS one payment of $580, due June 22
$20 deposit PLUS two payments of $290, due June 22 and September 8
$20 deposit PLUS three payments of $194, due June 22, August 4, September 8

14 Week Option: $380
$20 deposit PLUS one payment of $360, due July 7
$20 deposit PLUS two payments of $180, due July 7 and September 8
$20 deposit PLUS three payments of $120, due July 7, August 4, September 8

8 Week Fall Option: $220
$20 deposit PLUS one payment of $200, due October 12
$20 deposit PLUS two payments of $100, due October 12 and November 2

We are happy to discuss other payment options/schedules if these don’t work for you.

Please make cheques payable to Brown Sugar Produce and mail to: 100-1300 18th Street Suite 317, Brandon MB R7A 6X7.

We are also able to accept Email Money Transfer. Please use the email address (which has auto-deposit so you do not need a secret question).

Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements to get us the program payment or the deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have a big family, is there a larger size bag?

A: We keep things simple and offer only one size so that you have room to supplement your bag by placing an order with us, or buying from the store or farmer’s market. If you like, you are welcome to sign up for 2 bags, which means you’ll have twice as much produce to work with each week! Please email us if you would like this option.

Q: What do I do if I miss my bag?

A: We encourage you to set appropriate reminders for each delivery to remember to pick up your bag. If you miss a pickup due to forgetting, you will still owe for that delivery and you will not get your veggies: This is because we have done our part getting the produce ready for you and delivered it, and rescheduling missed pickups is a huge hassle.

Q: What about if I’m on vacation or away for one of the pick up dates?

A: If you are going to be away for one of the pickup dates, consider asking a friend, family member, or co-worker to pick it up for you – that is the easiest solution. You do not need to let us know, but you are welcome to if you like. Please ensure that you provide them with the correct pick up location and time.

If are going to be away and you need to skip delivery for a week, let us know by 24 hours prior to your pickup and we can provide $20/week credit towards pre-orders, or a double bag week in the future. If you do not let us know in advance your payment will still be due for that week and no credit will be given.

Q: How many people will my bag feed?

A: This is by far the most frequently asked question when people are signing up for a CSA, and it’s one of the hardest to answer. Every household is different, each family eats a different diet and cooks a different number of meals at home each week. Consider how many veggies you would need to purchase at the Farmer’s Market or grocery store to last you a week. This bag is by no means meant to feed a large family for an entire week. If you are vegan/vegetarian or simply eat a lot of veggies, the bag may only last you 2 – 3 meals. If you only cook at home occasionally or have a small household it may be more than enough for a week. Please review the images at the bottom of this page to get an idea of the quantity that you can expect in each weekly bag from our farm.

Q: But what if I don’t like something?

A: The idea of a regular veggie subscription is to make things more efficient for us farmers by allowing us to plan in advance what will be needed each week and grow it to order. As a Veggie Lover, it’s a great way to eat the best of the season and to occasionally try something new. That being said, we all have different tastes and so if there’s something you just can’t stomach, consider sharing it with a grateful friend, family member, or neighbour.

We do provide a weekly Trade Bag at the pickup which you can use to swap items you won’t use for something you will.

In the case of an allergy or food intolerance, please contact us prior to signing up and we will let you know if it’s something we can work with.

Q: Am I taking on any risk?

A: With our CSA we don’t expect our customers to share any of the risk, other than the realities of farming in the sense that not every crop works out every year. Since you choose to commit to the farm, we do our best to make sure our members get treated the best and get top priority on our crops.
In the event of a single crop failure we will fill in with something else, we may fill gaps by buying from other suppliers who meet our production standards (we are committed to being transparent and will let you know when we do this).

Here are photos of our weekly bag contents from 2019:

Here are photos of our weekly bag contents from 2018:

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