Click here to visit our online store!

We have a weekly option to place an order and pick it up in Rivers (Wednesdays 5 -7 pm). Click the link above and then “Login > Create New Account” to register for our online store!

Update July 30: We had hoped to have some order pickups in Brandon starting in August, but we don’t have sufficient produce available yet. Stay posted on our mailing list if you’re interested in hearing about upcoming public pickups in Brandon! If not in August then we should have some extra produce by fall. This has been a difficult growing season, and all of our production has been selling out to our CSA membership so far!

If you’re a member in our Veggie Lovers’ Club CSA and looking for the order form, use this link and your login information to access the members-only store:

Click here to visit our members-only store for CSA members!

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