Myrah and I harvested a couple pounds this morning that I will drop off at Walker’s Greenhouse today (Wednesday). I put some in our online store as well, available to order for pickup this Saturday, May 20th. Click here to visit the store! Yum!!

Meet Spud!

While digging potatoes Monday, we were annoyed by a loud & persistent peeping sound. “What kind of bird is that?” Jon pondered. Suddenly, I had a realization that it was much closer than we had first thought, and walked a few steps away to find: A duckling! He was alone and stumbling through some weeds,Continue reading “Meet Spud!”

July 12 & 13 Red Bag Contents

Coming in the Red Bags on July 12th (Brandon) and 13th (Rivers): Garlic Scapes, bunchRomaine Lettuce, 1 large or 2 smallLettuce Mix, 0.5 lbHakurei Turnips (white salad turnips with edible tops), 1 bunchBaby Dill, small bag (Grown by Mom!)New Potatoes (*Pending harvest: hopefully! Will be baby Carrots or Potatoes, both are somewhat scarce yet) PleaseContinue reading “July 12 & 13 Red Bag Contents”