Stinging Nettles!

Oh, great… My first official blog post on Brown Sugar Produce’s page and it’s about Nettles.  DSC00158-001Stinging Nettles to be exact: My first experience with Nettles was when I was working in Calgary selling produce, and my friend Joanna found a piece of nettle mixed into a herb bunch and she came over and whipped me on the hand with it.  Ouch!  So, when we moved to Nova Scotia, I was less than impressed when the woman we were working for told us to go pick them and take them to the farmer’s market.  However, they flew off our market table and the produce nerd in me was captivated.  Chefs loved them and I collected some recipes and learned to love them too.    DSC00160I caught sight of a bunch at mine and Jon’s farm, and there is also a small patch at Mom’s, and as tomorrow is delivery day, I picked some for a favourite customer and collected some information and recipes, so I thought I’d share them on here, too (see bottom of post).  The smell of them made my mouth water– despite the fact that there’s been as many greens as I can eat since we arrived on Saturday.  Spring is cleansing time and nettles are a super food (and I am not a hippy, even though I sound like one!)

Some other things that are going out tomorrow: Basil and Salad Mix!DSC00154DSC00153There are also pea shoots and “sunnies” (sunflower shoots) and head lettuce from the greenhouse.  The red onions are still going, there’s chives, and there are GORGEOUS potatoes.  I washed them all afternoon and thought about how beautiful Mom’s potatoes are– buttery and big and still rock hard due to the kick ass storage  that my Pa built a few years back.

Here’s the Nettle Info:  Stinging Nettles: A Spring treat and so much more! Recipes and Info

More soon,

Teri 🙂

New Farmers join the team for 2015

Fullscreen capture 2015-02-23 104855 AMMama, I’m comin’ home!

Together with my husband Jon, two rabbits and our cat Samson, we are trekking across country (again) from Nova Scotia, to return to my roots in Manitoba and farm with my Mom.  We’ve decided it’s the best way for us to reach our farming goals, and we are excited to have such a thriving business to become a part of.  Two young farmers could not be so lucky, and now we will be closer to family (including Jon’s) as well.

Jon and I have been living in Nova Scotia for the past 3 years.  We have gained lots of experience and are ready to put our blood, sweat and tears into building equity for ourselves.  We will be joining Mom in May and with a four person team we are all excited to step things up a few notches!

50masseyJon will be focusing on making the most of his skills in production; I (Teri) will be focusing on marketing and harvest/value adding; Stephanie will continue to do it all, from seeding to sales and also provide valuable mentorship in working with the soil, Manitoba climate and crop systems; and Paul (who already has a tractor for Jon) will provide business mentorship, and share his vast equipment maintenance & repair knowledge with Jon.

This opportunity is ripe for the picking, and we are looking forward to grabbing it by the *ahem* tomatoes!

Brown Sugar Produce in a gorgeous salad at Wildflower Cafe!

Brown Sugar Produce in a gorgeous salad at Wildflower Cafe!

Brown Sugar Produce (beans, spinach, edible flowers) in a gorgeous salad at Wildflower Cafe!  We are now delivering regularly to Wildflower and Lady of the Lake, as well as weekly home deliveries within Brandon.  Call Stephanie at (204) 727-8372 for more info!

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