Brown Sugar in the News

Produce sales finally in full swingMomTeriBrandonSun_08-09-19
Brandon Sun, Friday August 9, 2019
By Colin Slark

Brown Sugar Produce Believes in Quality not Quantity


Agri-Post, Friday June 28th, 2019
By Joan Airey

Market for fresh produce remains strong


Brandon Sun, Saturday June 10, 2017
By Tyler Clarke

Sweet Farm Family
Fullscreen capture 2016-02-03 34142 PM
Brandon Sun, Saturday July 25, 2015
By Jillian Austin/Photos by Tim Smith

Productive Producers
September 8, 2015/Photo by Colin Corneau

August 26, 2016/Photo by Colin Corneau

Fullscreen capture 2016-09-01 54011 AM

Demand for Brown Sugar Produce SkyrocketsFullscreen capture 2016-02-25 121635 PM
Agri-Post, February 26, 2016 (Page 16 of pdf document)
By Joan Airey

Brown Sugar Produce Helping Local Business OwnersFullscreen capture 2016-02-25 122534 PM


Westman Journal, January 20, 2016
Photo and Article by Danielle Morrisseau

Local Growth Industry
Fullscreen capture 2016-02-04 104723 AM
Brandon Sun, Friday August 1, 2014
By Jillian Austin/Photos by Jillian Austin