Good Words

What the Veggie Lovers are saying about Brown Sugar Produce:


“So many fresh and delicious veggies, we’ve been eating so healthy! I never thought I’d love salad so much. Lots of variety and things I’ve never tried before. Really enjoy the program and everything you guys do”

“I love the veggie lovers club! And I like the preorder option and then I’m only picking up veggies once a week compared to having to go to the market another day :).”

“As I do not have the time needed to devote to a full garden of my own, this is the closest most convenient way to eat a wide variety of fresh, local veggies. It is a lifestyle choice I value greatly … you provide an amazing service!”

“We loved the whole concept, every thing about it was great for us. I loved the challenge of getting our teen to eat more veggies, she has even started eating roast carrots!!!”

“Excellent quality, packaged with care, initial cleaning, communication with Teri and Steph always quick response and helpful. We learn so much about local farming. Connections with other farmers. Everything !!”

“Teri and Stephanie are the best part of veggie club. So lovely to get to know them and the produce is amazing. I love the recipe cards and blog post every week.”

“Loved the addition of the pre-order option this year! Enjoyed the variety and the recipe suggestions to go with the lesser known/used veg. Also found the weekly blog extremely helpful with all the tips! Thanks for another great year!”

“Loved every bag of vegetables through the 16 Week CSA. I love the reusable bags that we got to keep in the end, the recipe cards, the variety of vegetables we got – and most of all, the care and commitment to the quality of the product and the delight of the customer!
Can’t wait for next year! (As I ration the last of my squash, potatoes, carrots, and parsnips!)
” – Reta S.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekly newsletters; what to do with the veggies that are in the bag for that week, recipes, etc… . I grew up on a farm and there is truly not a better place to be. All of the hard work is certainly appreciated and am so glad I have got to enjoy all the “fruits” of everyone’s hard labour.”

“A great big Thank you to all of you for your hard work. This was a great experience and I look forward to next year!”

“I really enjoyed everything about the Veggie Lovers’ Club. I thought there was a really good variety of vegetables and I really enjoyed all of the information (storage tips, recipes, farm info) on the blog each week. I feel like a learned a lot in addition to getting to eat locally grown produce. Thank you for all of your hard work and providing this opportunity to the community.”

“Loved being a part of the Veggie Club – awesome food and awesome people- exciting to see what’s in the bag each week !!! Tks”

“I was very pleased with the experience. The veggies were delicious and I liked having the opportunity to try things I wouldn’t normally try. Thank you.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE these fresh greens.  Salads have taken on a whole new taste after the winter.” – Angela B.

“I can hardly wait each week to see what is available.  Then to actually pick it up on Wednesday and get to start using it!  Wonderful!!!”  – Lois W.

“It’s a miracle in our short growing season that BSP churns out such a grand variety of produce  They’ve introduced me to veggies I might not otherwise have tried.  Don’t be fooled by comparisons to supermarket prices. The fresh, local veggies prepared with TLC are worth every loonie!  It’s worth going to pick up your order just to drive by their labours of love. The carefully groomed and tended rows are such a gorgeous prairie sight.  Teri’s photos don’t need photoshop!”  – Judi J.

“I love your weekly deliveries anyway, but the salad/spinach/scallions and beets delivered over the past few weeks are just wonderful! The produce is so fresh and tasty, we absolutely love it. I don’t think salad from the store will ever taste the same again…just want to say thanks for the wonderful service and scrumptious produce…! Love love love Brown Sugar Produce!” – Holly L.

Stephanie tells me that we have been doing the ‘veggie dance’ for 12 years or more. We began dancing at the farmer’s market in the Town Center. When I apologized one week for not making it the week before, Steph suggested that I could always place an order and pick the veggies up at her house. Twelve years ago … and I am always amazed at the quality of the produce, the joy and pride the family takes in growing and preparing it for us, the variety they manage to grow in their beautiful fields. Stephanie has introduced me to vegetables I didn’t know I would love. Now, Teri and Jon are here to add their knowledge and enthusiasm to the family business. How lucky we are to have fresh and delicious local food on a weekly basis … and delivered to the door with a smile no less! Thank you for your hard work, your dedication to providing me with delicious food grown locally, and for being my friends.” – Sally B.