Farm Update August 11

Spud the duck!

Hello, friends of the farm!

First, a photo update on Spud the duck, who has quickly surpassed the duckling stage and is now just a small duck. Still fuzz instead of feathers, so I expect he’ll be looking mega awkward very soon once those feathers start coming in! His abode is conveniently located near our patio, so we have had a few dinner parties with him nearby, to the delight of everyone. Our favourite is when he stretches out his legs or wings! (There are only nubbins, no wings yet, so it looks really funny and cute – think T-Rex arms!).

Here’s a couple recent views of the Barn field, facing North and South. We’ve flipped some beds for fall crops like arugula, radishes, watermelon radish, and turnips. The summer crops like zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant are behind, but coming along well now.

Cabbage, onions, and carrots in the main field

Our onions didn’t size up well this season, but I’m proud to say we did a great job weeding them and giving them everything we could to succeed! We were delayed planting them due to the cool and wet spring, and the cool summer wasn’t conducive to them growing big. But we have lots at least, even if they are small!

Paul’s Sweet Corn

My Dad’s sweet Corn is looking great! He’s got two successions of it, so we hope to have a nice long harvest this year. I never thought I’d see my Dad growing vegetables, this is something he tried for fun last year and really enjoyed it. He grew about half an acre last year which was a lot, so he scaled it back this year. If we have any of Paul’s Sweet Corn available outside of our CSA program, I’ll make sure to let those on our mailing list know!

Recently we’ve had a few people reach out who are missing our market in Brandon. This has been a tough growing season, and we’re happy that we are able to meet our commitments to our weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. Even if we had planned to do markets this season, there just isn’t enough produce this year for it.

It has always been our goal to shift to supplying CSA members and not continue with doing markets forever. We really enjoyed the markets, and we also really enjoy not having that as part of our week anymore. Our market was more than the scale of our farm can handle, and we are finding that our CSA members and our public weekly pickup in Rivers are sufficient to sell all of the extra produce we have available. I don’t miss restaurant supply one bit, so happy to be out of that realm!

Markets are a ton of effort, and can be quite volatile — if it rains on market day, for instance, we can have a flop and not sell much of the produce we’ve worked hard to grow and get ready for market. There was a lot of wasted energy and veggies when we did markets, and with our new online order software we waste a lot less, especially time and energy, which are always the things in shortest supply on a vegetable farm in summer!

We did attempt to grow extra storage crops this year and hope to be able to offer some public pickups in Brandon later in the season. I will keep you posted!

Pickling pack!

Bulk Veggie Orders for Canning:

For now, we are taking orders for pickling cucumbers here. I’m not certain there will be enough tomatoes this year for bulk orders so I am not taking names for those yet, until the crop starts coming in. This year is the latest we’ve ever seen for many crops so we are not making any promises until we’re more certain we can fulfill them!

I hope you’re having a great summer!

Take care,

Teri 🙂

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