Pickling Cucumbers 2022

Jon and I didn’t grow many/any cucumbers intended for pickling this year, but Mom (Stephanie) did!

If you’d like to connect with some this year, please fill out this form and we will contact you when she has some available.

Our “Pickling Pack” is 8 lbs of pickling cucumbers plus dill, garlic and our recipe for $25

Orders will be filled based on availability of cucumbers. We will contact you when some are ready for your order and you can confirm if you are able to take them.

We really appreciate when people can take them when we call, the reason Teri and Jon aren’t continuing growing these is because it is a huge hassle to connect customers with cucumbers as they are available. Please note in the comments on the form if there are particular times that work better for you, or times that don’t work.

Pickling Cukes are $2.75/lb.
Larger Cukes for sliced/bread & butter pickles are $2.50/lb
Relish Cukes are $2.00/lb

Mom and Aunty Jayne and pickles!
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