Meet Spud!

While digging potatoes Monday, we were annoyed by a loud & persistent peeping sound. “What kind of bird is that?” Jon pondered. Suddenly, I had a realization that it was much closer than we had first thought, and walked a few steps away to find:

A duckling! He was alone and stumbling through some weeds, peeping loudly. We caught him easily, named him Spud, and got a home set up for him. We have no idea where he came from — mother ducks sit on clutches of a dozen eggs, and it’s common for ducklings to wander off and get eaten, only 2/12 generally make it to adulthood. He is a baby Mallard we think. We hope he makes it and can fly away from the farm once he grows bigger! Until then, I guess we have a new pet to care for. Quack, quack!

Here’s a video of Spud swimming in our bathtub!

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