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Hello Veggie Lovers! In today’s red bag:

Beets, Red bunch with tops
Snow Peas, 1/2 lb (edible pod), Ours & 4A Farms
New Potatoes, 1 lb
Green Onions, bunch
Lettuce Mix, 0.5 lb
Daikon Radish, 1 – 2 roots
Herb choice*, small bag/bunch (Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Mint & a few others!)

The beets we prepared for this week’s shares

Tips for this week:
-Make sure to store your beets, daikon, and green onions in a container or bag in the fridge so they don’t wilt!
-If you still have head lettuce from last week, plan to eat your lettuce mix first. Head lettuce keeps longer than lettuce mix as the leaves are still attached to the core.
-Plan to eat the beet greens as well as the roots – they are in the same family as Chard and are even more delicious, in my opinion!

Daikon is a type of radish that is white, long, and milder than the red round radishes. I like to enjoy it in stir fries, on top of salads, or bowls. It can be thinly sliced with the vegetable grater or just chopped.
Here’s a link to some ideas and recipes for Daikon Radish!

Last night’s supper. Most night’s supper. We throw a bunch of veggies, some rice and protein into a giant bowl and add dressing, sesame oil or olive oil. I keep soaked & cooked beans or lentils on hand, rice or noodles, and cooked meat (this was a pork roast) so this is easy to throw together. This bowl also contains Chard sauteed in garlic scapes, green onions, and butter; Cilantro; the very first Broccolini (passed the taste test with flying colors!); we topped it with sesame seeds and a dollop of sesame oil and some soy sauce. This took 10 minutes to prepare (with some advance prep to have beans, rice and meat ready to go) and was so, so delicious!

We’re happy with the selection we’ve been able to offer in the red bags this season, and we hope you are too! I know there’s been a lot of lettuce, hopefully you are enjoying it, or you’re able to share with a friend or neighbor if you need to.

Member Kelly wrote to thank us for putting mint in last week’s bag because she loves it with new potatoes. That’s what inspired the “Herb Choice” in this week’s bag! Fresh herbs are a simple way to make your veggie preparations delicious. We have Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Mint (and if you’re not into eating herbs there’s Catnip, too) to choose from. Dill goes well with potatoes and beets. Snow peas and mint would be an excellent combo, or try Kelly’s fav, mint & potatoes. If you make a lot of curries or spicy foods, you might need some cilantro in your life! Nothing beats fresh parsley, I love making lentil salads with tons of parsley, almost like tabbouleh. All of them are great in salad dressings, too.

Thanks to Megumi for this lovely photo of last week’s red bag contents!

Field Update:

In the field the other day, Myrah noticed some bugs on a potato plant, which we quickly determined to be Colorado Potato Beetle (Great job, crop scout!). We’ve battled that pest at Mom’s so we are well acquainted. They just hadn’t found us yet, but we knew it was inevitable that they would. Last year I found a few but squished them and they never became an issue, so we went for it and had a gross hour squishing beetle larvae (The worst is when you get squirted in the eye, and it really hurts, too, ask Myrah!). The next day and subsequent days we’ve not seen very many at all. We were pondering how they pupate yesterday while digging potatoes, and then I found some pupating in the soil and so we will have a losing battle soon (the adults will lay eggs faster than we can squish them). At any rate, there are some organic-approved controls that we will look into for next year, but this year’s potato crop is already sufficiently mature that they won’t be affected likely.

Our potato crop is decent this year, but the yields per row just aren’t there yet so we are still giving out smaller portions for now. It will increase as the season progresses and they grow! They are so delicious and buttery. Worth all the larvae squishing!

While digging your potatoes, we were annoyed by a loud & persistent peeping sound. “What kind of bird is that?” Jon pondered. Suddenly, I had a realization that it was much closer than we had first thought, and walked a few steps away to find:

A duckling! He was alone and stumbling through some weeds, peeping loudly. We caught him easily, named him Spud, and got a home set up for him. We have no idea where he came from — mother ducks sit on clutches of a dozen eggs, and it’s common for ducklings to wander off and get eaten, only 2/12 generally make it to adulthood. He is a baby Mallard we think. We hope he makes it and can fly away from the farm once he grows bigger! Until then, I guess we have a new pet to care for. Quack, quack!

On Sunday I made another field tour video to show you how things are growing, you can check it out on YouTube here (16:40):

Thanks for reading, enjoy your veggies, and have a great week!

-Teri 🙂

P.S. Happy Birthday to our friend & veggie lover Henry, who turned 2 on Sunday! Pictured here fist bumping Jon. (If you have a little veggie lover with a birthday and want to send me a photo for the newsletter, please do!)

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