Week 24 Veggie Lovers Club Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!!

Pickups are on for:
Brandon: Tuesday from 4:00 ā€“ 6:00 pm at Stanley Park, 14th Street between Lorne and Princess Ave.

Coming in your Red Bag Nov. 30th:
-Assorted (Choice of) Shoots, small bag
-Carrots, Rainbow, 2 lbs
-Beets, Red, 2 lbs
-Red Cabbage, 1
-Citron Marmalade, 250 ml, Made by Mom (Stephanie)

(Also, credit goes to Mom for the Spaghetti Squash you got on Week 23, I forgot to say they were from her place!)

If you would like to place an optional pre-order for additional veggies to come with your red bag next week, please use THIS LINK.
(24-Week CSA members only on this form please, we are mostly sold out of produce now. Previous members (14-week), please use the link provided in email to access the pickles and few other things we have left!).


About your Veggies!
Member Kelly says the Citron Marmalade makes the best lemon loaf, so if you’re not into eating it on toast, try using it in baking!

Citron are a little-known heritage melon that Mom grows. Myrah and Jon took one to the chickens today (they are also known as “fodder melon”) and Myrah noticed, “hey, it smells like watermelon!”. They don’t have much flavour on their own and are full of red seeds. Over the years, I have connected with people all over the world about this melon, as we must be one of the few places in the world still blogging about it. I’ve shared seeds with others, too!

Every year I wish we grew more cabbages. This year is no different, but I am excited that we have some beautiful red cabbage to send you home with this final pickup!

We couldn’t choose, so Jon grew some of every shoots this week and you get to choose from Radish, Sunflower, Pea, Spring Salad, Broccoli, Fava. (And if you’re really not a shoots lover, I’ll have some frozen spinach and frozen dill along too!). Thanks to everyone for telling me how much you love shoots last week! Our feedback survey showed that some people are not a huge fan, so I feel like the shoots lovers stood up last week! We never expect everyone to be happy all the time, getting it somewhere in the middle where most are happy is the goal.

Buffy mentioned to me that she loves the adaptation that she sees us doing with shoots. If we hadn’t grown shoots this fall, we probably would have been a week or so short of produce this season. They have quick turnaround, are not seasonally dependent, are fresh & nutrient dense, and help me meet my health goals (ie not getting greens panic by March!). Anyway, I’m not trying to sell you on them, just assure you that they are important to us and we’re going to keep growing them for the CSA, but will be mindful to try not to rely on them so much in the fall, or possibly make them a separate opt-in program.

We’re not stocking shoots in Chez Angela anymore, but we might do a shoots CSA in the spring, I’ll keep you posted!

Rainbow Carrots! We didn’t grow many of those this year, and no purple because they get stuck in the clay. Plus, they don’t even taste good anyway. There’s nothing worse than working hard for something that doesn’t even have good flavour! There are a range of shades from white to orange.

And beets! I pulled out my favourite beet recipe the other day, Beetroot Masala Dahl. Not gonna lie, it’s our favourite because we can barely taste the beets! We haven’t eaten any yet this year because they are a non-loved winter staple. They are so darn easy to grow, and most people like them, so we persist!

I encourage you to check out some of the recipes folks shared at the bottom of the VLC survey this year!

Farm Update
This is it! The last CSA pickup of the year. We are SO glad that we started a couple weeks early and so we are finished a bit early too. It’s my birthday later this week and we’ve got some plans for that, too. (Heads up, if anyone needs a cut-your-own Christmas Tree, our neighbors’ Walker’s Greenhouse is the place to go!)

We are ready for a break and love the slower pace of winter. Any sunny day you can find me curled up in the sun like a cat in the greenhouse with a good book. Otherwise I’m probably in the kitchen tending a cauldron of soup. We make sure to spend lots of time outside in winter, because it is important to us as humans and keeps us feeling good. Jon has been doing morning yoga with me lately and he’s as hooked as I am. We’ve been connecting with lots of friends lately and it’s the tonic our spirits needed!

Have a great winter folks! I’ll be opening registration in Jan or Feb and will keep you posted!

Take care,

Teri šŸ™‚

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