Week 22 VLC Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!!

Pickups are on for:
Brandon: Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at Stanley Park, 14th Street between Lorne and Princess Ave.

Week 21 contents

Coming in your Red Bag Nov. 16th:
Pea Shoots, small bag
Carrots, 2 lbs
Potatoes, Russet 3 lbs (unwashed)
Frozen Spinach, 1/2 lb
Kohlrabi, 1

If you would like to place an optional pre-order for additional veggies to come with your red bag next week, please use THIS LINK.
(24-Week CSA members only on this form please, we are mostly sold out of produce now. Previous members (14-week), please use the link provided in email to access the pickles and few other things we have left!).

Our CSA Program continues for 3 more pickups, until November 30th.

About your Veggies: Veggie Lover Isobel (6 years old) recently concluded “these are the best, best, best carrots I’ve ever tasted!”. I think it was partly the timing. We didn’t succeed in weeding all of the storage carrot beds the week they needed it. So we replanted them, the grasshoppers devoured the tops, the carrots didn’t grow to full size. But they got really sweet!

Kohlrabi! Truthfully, I forgot about the 2 tubs of kohlrabi in the cooler that we had saved for fall. Until we oversold on squash because I wasn’t paying attention, and I faced the possibility of a winter without my favourite veggie! So we did some swapping around and fixed that. Call me selfish, but my own storage veggies come first! That’s kind of the whole reason we do this, to sustain our own food needs as much as possible.

Kohlrabi growing in it’s natural habitat

Anyway… Kohlrabi. It’s the texture of an apple with the flavour of cabbage/broccoli. Kind of like a broccoli stem. Indeed, Kohlrabi IS a swollen stem (as opposed to a root or fruit). It grows at ground level and looks like an alien spacecraft. My favourite way to enjoy it is raw with hummus, but it’s also great added to roasted veggies, sautes and stirfries, mash, soups, grated in coleslaw, etc. The green outer skin should be cut (not peeled) off to reveal the crisp white veggie inside.

Pea Shoots: The OG & most popular shoots! I always recommend they be chopped before eating, but you do you! Myrah made a corn tortilla wrap of orange segments and pea shoots last night… It didn’t execute well, but she ate it so who cares?! Jon and I had “tacos” but I mixed cooked lentils and squash into the meat mixture, inspired by one of the recipes in the Fall Freezer Meal Challenge. That’s the new way! It kept the taco shell from falling apart and was delicious! Usually I eat half a taco and then use a fork to finish the mess on my plate.

Russet Potatoes are best for mashing and absorbing butter or gravy! I learned the secret to really smooth mash is to put your cooked & peeled potatoes through the food mill (you know, that thing I’m always going on about for tomatoes!). But extra steps for the sake of achieving an ideal or perfection don’t often happen around here, so I’ve never tried it. Maybe for Christmas or some other special time, otherwise I usually mash them up skins and all (the skins are the most nutritious part!).

Farm Update: Snow! After an extended fall cleanup with beautiful weather, it feels good to put a period at the end of the 2021 season. We hope to get lots of snow this winter and have some moisture to start 2022 off right.

I mentioned last week that I would share some of the shifts we’re planning for next year! We plan to continue with both Brandon and Rivers pickups, but not with restaurant supply or regular scheduled markets. We will add an online store with order pickup option occasionally. We are planning/working on a new share size for the member who is extra-committed. Our water situation on the farm limits what we can do, so we have decided to not have employees and to work off the farm in the winter as needed.

Basically, we found this year that we need less time at markets and more time on the farm. Need, and want. Our summers are so tightly scheduled that we feel as though there’s no room for life. With Myrah being 5 next year, we want more freedom to enjoy time in the summers with her. We don’t do this for the money (!), we do it for the lifestyle, the perks of healthy food, and the outdoors & physical work we enjoy.

On another note, Jen had her baby! A hearty 10 lb – 13 oz boy named Orin Thomas. They are both doing well. When Jon and I worked at the Farmer’s Market in Calgary, there was an apple called “Sweet Orin”, so I find that name so fitting. He’s the best thing we grew on the farm this year, I’m so grateful Jen could be working here while she was nurturing & growing that baby!

A couple of good conclusions this week! The end of the season, and the birth of Orin. Looking forward to rest season (aka winter), and also to the renewal that comes every Spring!

Take care,

Teri 🙂

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