Week 21 Veggie Lovers Club Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!!

Pickups are on for:
Brandon: Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at Stanley Park, 14th Street between Lorne and Princess Ave.

Coming in your Red Bag Nov. 9th:
Onions, Yellow, 2 lbs
Cabbage, Green 1 head
Beets, Red, 2 lbs
Sunshine Kabocha Squash, 1
Buckwheat Shoots, small bag

If you would like to place an optional pre-order for additional veggies to come with your red bag next week, please use THIS LINK.

Our CSA Program continues for 4 more pickups, until November 30th.

About your Veggies: Sunshine Kabocha Squash is a favourite of mine for soup, especially at this time of year. It’s starchy and makes the best thick soup! Plus, you can leave the skin on if you want (make sure to cut off any hard brown scabby bits if there are any). These are the last of them!

Also the last of the Green Cabbage coming this week. Our crop was decent this year but we generally lose money growing cabbage because of the cost of row cover. (It’s worth it because we forgo the larger cost of environmental impacts of spraying.) The wind destroys it so we have to buy new every year to keep out those cabbage loopers and flea beetles. I’m impressed we hauled sufficient water to grow cabbages!

I LOVE cabbage. I tend to keep a bowl of shredded (mandoline-d, if that’s a word!) cabbage in the fridge at all times this time of year. Every week or two I start a new batch of sauerkraut, so I usually do a bunch extra and keep it on hand for salads, stir fries, soups, etc.

Another thing I keep in the fridge at all times this time of year is cooked squash. It’s so easy to use it up if you’ve got it ready to go (along with the ingredients to make your own real pumpkin spice latte! Here’s a post from Buffy with a recipe for that!!). One of my favourite things is to make a “cheese sauce” packed with squash which Myrah will happily devour (The kid would otherwise only eat things made of wheat flour, it’s ridiculous!!).

Buckwheat Shoots this week! Those are the most Lettuce-y ones of all (mild and lettuce-flavoured). The seed is locally grown organic by Dan & Fran DeRuyck in Treherne. The hulls tend to stick a bit, and they are fine to eat if you’re in a rush (less fibrous than sunflower hulls), but they’re best picked off. I make sure to leave space for it and try to focus on the meditative quality of picking through the stems to find the hulls, or at least enlist Myrah in helping! Vigourous washing will remove most of them as well.

Farm Update:

Looking forward to winter Greenhouse days! On this day it was so cold out (-50 ish) that Sandy’s car wouldn’t start when he went to leave after 30 mins.

We have actually finished EVERYTHING that we can think of this fall and have started on the bonus list! What a great fall to make up for a hard-veggie-growing-weather summer. Yesterday we got the greenhouse set up for winter: Jon and I hauled out all the seedling tables and replaced them with all of our outdoor chairs, tables, umbrellas, Myrah’s outdoor toys. We spend a lot of time in there all winter, the power of the sun means it can be -30C outside and a pleasant sunny 25C inside! If you want to come spend time in the greenhouse this winter you are welcome, just make sure it’s a sunny day when you come! (It is NOT warm when it’s cloudy!). I tried to look it up and can’t find with certainty if Vitamin D can be absorbed through the plastic, but I know it makes me FEEL better to be in there, and that’s all that matters to me.

Jon washed veggies all afternoon yesterday (Saturday) as well. We’re trying to do as much of that as possible before it snows!

The hens are in their winter setup now, the fields are stripped of irrigation equipment and ready for snow, the larder is full and so is the bookcase: Time for the deep rest of winter is upon us. I love living closely connected to the earth and the seasons. It’s one of my favourite parts of growing veggies, sharing the different rhythms of life that plants & animals observe. I can hear my heart speak more than ever living this way, and I can honor it and listen, too.

If you’re part of Buffy’s mailing list, you received info Friday about the Adagio Acres Grain CSA, but I wanted to stick it up here for you as well. There is a Brandon pickup option this year, and I encourage you to read about the Winter Grain CSA on Amy’s webpage. I don’t know her, but we speak the same language of valuing CSA and what that means for producers. I’m excited for my January bundle! What a great way to stock your pantry up with organic dry goods, and to push yourself to experiment with something new & locally grown!

I hope you are navigating the world with an open heart that you can listen to these days. Mine is craving space and rest, and has some excitement about the changes we plan for next year. More about that next time!

Peace & love,

Teri 🙂

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