Week 20 VLC Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!!

Week 19 bag

Pickups are on for:
Brandon: Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at Stanley Park, 14th Street between Lorne and Princess Ave.

Coming in your Red Bag:
Fava Bean Shoots, small bag
Shallots, pint
Carrots, 2 lbs
Celeriac, 2
Kale, large bunch

Me trying to choose a flavour!

If you would like to place an optional pre-order for additional veggies to come with your red bag next week, please use THIS LINK.

*New!* this week on the Pre-Order Form: Boho Soul Kombucha! 4 delicious flavours, 500 ml for $7.

Our CSA Program continues for 5 more pickups, until November 30th.

About your Veggies/Farm Update:

Some recipe & squash support!
Check out the Fall Freezer Meal Challenge for some great recipes using the seasonal produce available right now!  
Also, here’s a link to Buffy’s post about Squash, filled with great tips for how to use this great winter veggie.
Also, here’s my Squash Guide from last fall.

It was a poor year for shallots, we hoped to have lots more than we do, and they are much smaller than last season. It was just too hot in July when the onions do the majority of their growth. But they’re yummy and grown with love anyway!

I’m SO GLAD we held carrots back from markets this summer! See, typically most of our carrots are grown at Mom’s. This year, Janelle and us split the production and anticipated collaborating at market. She faced an even drier year than we did and so couldn’t get hers to germinate. We could see we were headed for trouble, so at the dismay of many market shoppers, we held them back. Poo to them! (many of them weren’t very nice and quite complain-y) Our CSA members come first!! We’ve got a good supply and should have them available at least until the end of the 24 week program at the end of November.

We are almost out of Potatoes, but Mom grew some and has more than she needs so those should be available until the end of November too. There’s not a lot more scheduled to come in your bags, I think 3 lbs on the second last week.

The Fava Bean Shoots are grown with seed sourced from Hailey and Cale at Prairie Fava, a new local seed supplier to us (previously Sid & Laryssa Stevenson).

Celeriac! It’s first appearance, I keep forgetting to list it and Jon harvested it a couple weeks ago as it can’t handle too cold. We really struggled getting it (and the celery) established this year, so they are smaller than usual but bigger than I initially feared! I love celeriac, it has a pleasant warm spice scent and flavour that pairs so well with all the fall veggies. A great addition to soups, stews, potatoes, or anywhere you would use celery (including raw sticks with dip!).

If you think you hate Kale, this is the best time of year to give it a try again. Fall kale is coveted (by me, anyway!) for it’s sweetness. The cold temps cause it to convert the water in it’s cells to sugar which acts like an anti-freeze. It’s the best tasting kale of the entire season!

Jon and I harvesting the last of the carrots on Friday

Well, that’s a wrap for Harvest 2021, other than some of that prolific, gorgeous Kale left in the field. Jon and I finished harvesting carrots on Friday afternoon finally. We’ve been struggling to keep up with the volume of orders we have been getting on Tuesdays so there hasn’t been as much time to get things wrapped up as you’d think. Now we can focus on getting the drip lines out of the field, as well as the tunnel plastic, and cleaning up all the things outside before winter.

In addition to fall harvest, I’ve been fitting in some time at my new job (Office Assistant for Crystal Johnston at Wildflower Business Solutions in Rivers). I’m really enjoying it! So far I’ve been able to fit time in while Myrah is at Pre-School in Rivers, which is perfect.

We’re also working on an off grid cabin here on the farm, and I just wanted to put it out there that we are on the lookout for a used woodstove: Ideally a wood cookstove affordably priced, but we’re open to a basic (and small) stove too. If you have one for sale or know of someone who does, please let us know!

Update Tuesday: We over-sold on squash yesterday and so rearranged some of the future CSA contents so there is a bit more available (and some for my own personal storage, whoops!). There was less Kale than anticipated and we expect it froze hard overnight and won’t recover, so it is likely done. There will be small amounts of tomatoes available over the next week or two. We’re coming to the end of our season and have run out of most items now, but still have lots of great things in store for the remaining 4 weeks of CSA!

Thanks for prioritizing local food producers and voting with your food dollars!

Have a great week!

Teri 🙂

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