Week 19 Veggie Lovers Club Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!!

Pickups are on for:
Brandon: Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at Stanley Park, 14th Street between Lorne and Princess Ave.

The end is near!

Coming in your Red Bag:
Radish Shoots, small bag
Red Potatoes, 2 lbs, Grown by Marlin Peters, Virden
Red Onions, pint (small)
Parsnips, 2 lbs
Radishes, bunch with tops

If you would like to place an optional pre-order for additional veggies to come with your red bag next week, please use THIS LINK.

Our CSA Program continues for 6 more pickups, until November 30th.

About your Veggies/Farm Update:

I thought we’d use up all the garlic last week but we didn’t, so that is back on the order form. Also listed is whole frozen corn ($12/doz) and frozen dill. Last week to order fresh dill! This is near the end for Kale, so a good time to stock up with a 4 lb bag. If I’m able to pick spinach I’ll have it for sale in the mini-market at the pickup on Tuesday (not on the order form). We have bulk radishes available by the pound, they keep for a really long time!

Previous parsnip harvest, 2018, Photo by Laryssa

PARSNIPS!! We are planning to dig them on Saturday and send along a hearty 2 lb portion for everyone. I don’t know what to expect in terms of yield, so I will post an update here on Tuesday and cross my fingers that we’re ok to list them on the order form. (We were! But barely. We are sold out now.)
Digging parsnips is one of the hardest jobs we do in the fall, they are well-anchored into the clay and pretty much each root requires a fork insertion. We will have sore thigh muscles on Sunday (which I plan to stretch out with some dancing in honor of Bastid’s BBQ – join us if you like! https://www.twitch.tv/skratchbastid Sunday 2 – 6). It’ll be nice to have the parsnips done, and then we only have some Carrots to dig and Kale in the field until that freezes (it holds until it gets seriously cold).

Whoops, Radishes and Radish Shoots on the same week. I probably could’ve seen that one coming, but I didn’t.,.. So, I guess you’ll get to taste radishes at every stage this week. Radish greens sauteed with roasted roots, topped with baby radish shoots? Maybe a bit of a macabre Hallowe’en salad idea, serving babies alongside the fully mature!
Funny story: I had been exclaiming about the LOOK of the radishes for 2 full weeks before I actually tasted them! They are delicious. And I made Jon taste them yesterday, too! We aren’t big fans and they’re something that is typically in short supply so we’re just not in the habit of eating them! So juicy and mild and crunchy!

This time of year has us drinking lots of hot coffee and tea while doing lots of waiting and then bouts of furious working, alongside the restoration of slow morning reading time, which we love. See, it’s too cold in the mornings now and the ground is frozen, so we can’t harvest until the sun warms the soils and it thaws. Which means we only get a brief harvest window on cold days. Thursday we brought in all of our personal storage potatoes, Russets for Week 23, and the last of the beets. In the mornings, we fill the time with cleaning the shed, washing veggies, cleaning trays, cooking, or bagging veggies. And taking the seasonal opportunity to enjoy morning reading.

Jon is reading “Original Wisdom” by Robert Wolff. He just finished “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, which I plan to read next. I am reading “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Love, love, LOVE!!), and just finished “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein (I never thought I’d say a book about economics was invigorating, but it was!). We’ve been inspired to consider systems & ways of knowing lately and exploring those ideas. We have nightly conversations about the information we’re exploring, and a morning reading ritual where we sneak downstairs before Myrah is awake and read on the couch together (covered in snoozing cats, always!).
I love books and reading and would love to hear what you’ve been reading lately, and if you have any books you’d recommend!

Jen, who worked on the farm this summer growing your veggies while also growing a baby boy, is in her final weeks/days of pregnancy and I’ve been enjoying delivering prepared food from the Fall Freezer Meal Challenge that Buffy is hosting right now! Last week I made the Creamy Fall Veggie, Kale & Lentil Casserole and this week I made the Curried Chicken Slow Cooker Stew and some Broccoli & Cheddar Quinoa Bites. If you’d like to connect with the package of Fall Freezer Meals Recipes, check out this post!

I’ll probably insert a few updates here on Tuesday, so please check back if you like! Nothing to report, except that my calves are sore from dancing, and my cheeks are sore from smiliing! It was a good weekend. ❤

A huge THANK YOU to everyone, the last 2 pickups have been smooth as butter! I appreciate all that you do to make things run smoothly for us, thank you!

Happy Trick or Treating!

Take care & stay true,

Teri 🙂

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