Fava Bean Shoots


Fava Bean Shoots were a new one for us in 2019.  We grow them from MB-grown seeds we got from Sid & Laryssa Stevenson (Laryssa works part-time for us in the summer).

They are succulent and juicy with a slightly bitter bean flavour.  They have square stems and can turn black when heated, so be mindful where you use them.

Season: We will probably keep this as a special production for our Spring Shoots CSA Program and future winter growing projects, but we may produce some for the early spring markets as well.

Storage Tips:  They should be rinsed just before use. We don’t wash any shoots at the farm as they degrade quickly when wet. If you get them home and there is condensation (wetness) in the bag, make sure to insert a piece of towel or switch them to a dry bag so they will keep well. They will store well covered (in a bag or container) in your fridge for a long time, but are best enjoyed within a week of when you buy them.

Preparation Tips: Fava Bean Shoots are very succulent, sturdy, and hearty, with beautiful big leaves.  Just like any other shoots, Fava Bean Shoots lend themselves well to being a topping on everything, like soups, salads, stir-fry, pizza, & whatever you’re makin’ for dinner tonight!

My face for scale


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