Root Vegetable Fritters


I so appreciate the slowing down that comes with fall and winter, and the warm comforting foods that go with it.  These Root Vegetable Fritters are a recipe we love.  I rarely follow a recipe, so I’ve tried to capture the method below.  Be creative! You can use any veggie you like, increase the amount of onion or spices, sub wheat flour for chickpea flour (to make them GF), etc etc.

Some combination ideas: Carrot and Cilantro, just onions, Celeriac and Thyme, Sage Squash and Onions, Zucchini and dill, Beets with dill, Apples Parsnip and Celeriac, just potatoes (I like them with maple syrup!), Parsnip and Pear. (Yes, you can use squash and fruit in them, too!).

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I usually make larger ones and finish them in the oven to ensure the veggies inside are fully cooked.  Ideally they should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  This recipe could totally work as a “veggie burger” too!


Printable Recipe for Root Fritters with copies to share


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