October 22 Veggie Lovers’ Club Newsletter

Hi folks!

This is Week 17 of our CSA!


Please PLACE A PRE-ORDER if you’d like some additional items next week!  *I will probably always bring a few additional items along with me for sale, but with only half the members, cold weather, and no other farms at the pickup, it will be very limited so it’s best to place an order if you want something!

For currently registered members: Placing an order does NOT affect your weekly bag contents, anything you order is IN ADDITION, not “instead” of what is coming in your weekly bag.

Here’s the link to PLACE A PRE-ORDER for the October 29th pickup!  – Order deadline is Monday at noon!

FYI, I wanted to let you know that Luna Field Farm has switched to their winter delivery schedule which is monthly on Saturdays (next regular delivery is Saturday November 30th).  However I noticed in their newsletter that Lydia just added a bonus delivery date next Tuesday October 29th at the park.  If you want to order anything visit their order form here: https://www.lunafieldfarm.com/farm-store/online-order-form/

Spoiler Alert: If you would like to keep your bag contents a surprise, you should STOP READING NOW!!

The contents of the upcoming week’s bag are subject to change at the last minute, possibly without much notice, depending on harvest. It can be tough to estimate how much of a crop will be available before we actually harvest it freshly for your bag.  So, this posting is meant to give you a good idea of what is in your bag, but just be aware that it may change and we will do our best to let you know if that happens!  At the very least, the posting on the website will be updated prior to delivery with the actual contents for that week, so that you can check that you’ve received everything you are supposed to!

Last week’s bag!

Your October 22nd Veggie Lovers’ Club bag contains:

Watermelon Radishes, 1 lb
Honeynut Squash, 1 small
Onions, Yellow Storage, 1 lb
Chard, large bunch
Radish Shoots, small bag
Pea Shoots, large bag
Potatoes, Red & Yellow Fingerling mix, 2 lb
Roma Tomatoes, Quart

You can click the links on the items above to view more info about each veggie including recipe & preparation suggestions, season, storage tips, and lots more!

Don’t forget to bookmark our online Veggie Guide so all the veggie info is at your fingertips!

The benefits to being a 24-week member, and some options!

This has been a really great, productive year on the farm and so we were able to allow all of our summer members access to the order form for the full duration of our CSA season.  It occurred to me that some of you 24-week members might be wishing you’d done that instead!

The benefits of being in the CSA for the long haul include: first access to items that are in short supply; small batch, frozen items, and preserves that we hold for the later bags; Teri’s Birthday Bag Bonanza December 3; and this year’s trend of over-stuffed bags way over your weekly value will continue until the end.  It was an excellent year, and we plan to continue sharing the surplus!

We operate as a CSA farm because we love the relationships we get to build with our customers, and because it helps us so much to have regular harvests and deliveries going out.  As a 24 week member, you are the MOST committed to supporting what we do, and at the same time, you have 24 (realistically, slightly inconvenient) bags to pick up.  That’s a LOT of weeks of pickup!  So, Best Customers, if you’re feeling like you want less pickups in the coming weeks, here are some options!

-Option 1: convert remaining pickups to credit that can be used towards veggies (max 2 jars pickles/preserves) via the order form.  Credit must be used up by December 10th.

-Option 2: switch to bi-weekly or monthly pickups (This is a bit complicated because of fresh shoots, but if you want to switch to bi-weekly or monthly pickups we can definitely figure something out!).  Let me know what days you want to pick up and I will make sure you get your full remaining program value in veggies!

Basically,  I’m open to whatever you think might look better for you in terms of the next 8 weeks/$200 of veggie delivery remaining, so long as the full credit is used up by December 10th.  We also can’t have you convert the rest of your share into credit and then use that towards pickles, we count on the Veggie Lover’s Club being mostly fresh/storage veggies.

Just make sure you communicate IN ADVANCE with us about this: So long as there is communication, there are options!

About the Veggies this Week & Recipes:

Joan and Laryssa harvesting chard this summer

What a beautiful bag we have for you again this week!  Jon and I are most excited about the Chard.  I know that lots of people don’t like chard and it might end up in the trade bin, but it was so nice to harvest it yesterday!  We had to wait for it to thaw so got it in the afternoon when it was nice and sunny.  Chard doesn’t freeze until later/colder in the season, so this time of year it’s sweetest as it has sugary “antifreeze” in it’s cells to prevent it from freezing.  We WOULD also have beautiful Kale this time of year, but the flea beetle pressure is so much late in the season that it’s all chewed up still, even though the flea beetle are long gone.  Sometimes I wonder why we grow any brassicas at all!

Speaking of brassicas (cabbage family/cole crops): Watermelon Radishes!  They are one of the crops we save for later season CSA to keep things exciting for you.   It’s also exciting for us as they don’t always work out due to flea beetle or last year, flea beetle and intense heat at planting time (which is late July I believe)!  But, they worked out this year.  I harvested them last Friday and there was a lot more than I expected!  Click here for more info and a couple of recipes for them.  They are great roasted!

Augh.  Real life first-world problems today, I have a sticky “T” on my keyboard, so if any are missing, you’ll know why!  Supid shi.  Lol!

unnamedThe tomatoes are a bonus, so if you’re sick of them feel completely welcome to throw them at your neighbor’s house.  Tell them Teri sent you!
When I used to work at Safeway in the produce department, we would place daily orders, but if the warehouse had an excess of something it would get shipped out to the stores regardless and was called a “distribution”.  So, this is a distribution of tomatoes.  By keeping up with the ripe ones it means we can take care of the ripening ones, so from my perspective, we are not “giving away” tomatoes, we’re diverting tomatoes from the compost and giving ourselves space to sort.  So, thanks for taking multiple “distributions” of tomatoes this fall as we adjust to what is the right amount to grow.  Maybe a bit less!

Shoots are back in full swing and we’re adjusting to the newly renovated space/climate.  We now have an HRV system which regulates the humidity in that room.  We were having lots of humidity spikes, which are bad for the shoots and for the shed.  We didn’t know what we were planning to use that room for when we built the shed, so it was worthwhile to install the system after the fact.

Sorry if you’re not a radish lover, you’ll be a bit offended this week, Radish shoots AND watermelon radishes!  But I think it might make a really nice combination, especially if you try the marinated/quick pickled radish recipe like I plan to!
Either of them would also work for this Radish Dip recipe that I like!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know my annoyance that every squash recipe calls for Butternut, and that variety is one of the longest season squashes and toughest to grow here.  The solution is Honeynut!  They are meant to be a better flavour, smaller butternut type.  You can use them now or wait until they turn orange.  (I used one in soup this weekend and it was perfectly ripe though still completely green on the outside).

Personal life update: Last night we went to see The Wiggles at the Centennial Auditorium.  Myrah wasn’t sure what to think at first, and then once she got going she basically jumped up and down for an hour.  Had the time of her life!  I’m so glad we got the opportunity to see them, they are great performers and Myrah has always enjoyed their shows & songs.

Last week after the pickup we looked at a minivan and ended up buying it.  This was on the fall to do list and I’m so glad we got it done so easily and with a good result (under budget!!).  We are replacing our 1998 GMC Safari “Margarita” which we use as a personal vehicle as well as a winter CSA delivery vehicle.  The back hatch and most doors on it are broken, and though it is mechanically pretty sound, it is on it’s way out.  Definitely would not make it to California, and we wanted something bigger than a car for travelling for that amount of time. So, now we have Little Blue, but I will wait to use Little Blue until it gets a bit colder, as there is way too much to fit in right now!

We bought it from Rob at Brandon Auto Sales and couldn’t be happier!  He was very fair and accommodating.

Thanks for your understanding last week about the badger incident!  I can’t believe all those tomatoes toppled and there was relatively no damage!

Teri’s Ten Topics Blog Series #4: Why daily Meditation is the most important thing we do on the Farm


I published this as a separate post this week so it’s easier to find, CLICK HERE to read it!

Thanks for reading, I should be a bit less busy at the pickup tonight if you want to chat about something, including any options for fall!  Jon will be with me today as well.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Take care!

Teri 🙂

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