September 17th Veggie Lovers’ Club Newsletter

Hi folks!!

This is Week 12 (the half way point) of our CSA, or week 7 if you are an 8-week member.
16-week members finish on Tuesday October 15th.
24-week program ends on Tuesday December 10th!

Your newsletter is complete below!  See you at the pickup tonight from 4:30 – 6!

Pre-Order Form
There is a minimally stocked mini-market at the pickup, but you can also PLACE A PRE-ORDER to ensure that you get the items you want with your weekly bag.

Placing an order does NOT affect your weekly bag contents, anything you order is IN ADDITION, not “instead” of what is coming in your weekly bag.

Here’s the link to PLACE A PRE-ORDER for the September 24th pickup!  – Order deadline is Monday at noon!  **Please note the form has been giving some issues and so if you get an error message, you can just email us ( what you would like!

Spoiler Alert: If you would like to keep your bag contents a surprise, you should STOP READING NOW!!

The contents of the upcoming week’s bag are subject to change at the last minute, possibly without much notice, depending on harvest. It can be tough to estimate how much of a crop will be available before we actually harvest it freshly for your bag.  So, this posting is meant to give you a good idea of what is in your bag, but just be aware that it may change and we will do our best to let you know if that happens!  At the very least, the posting on the website will be updated prior to delivery with the actual contents for that week, so that you can check that you’ve received everything you are supposed to!

Last week’s bag

Your September 17th Veggie Lovers’ Club bag contains:

Spaghetti Squash, 1 large
Rainbow Carrots, 3 lbs
Celery, 1 large
Sweet Onions, 3 lb bag
Cucumber, 1
a small Herb of your choice (We will have dill, cilantro, parsley, sage, thyme & small amounts of a couple others available!)

You can click the links on the items above to view more info about each veggie including recipe & preparation suggestions, season, storage tips, and lots more!

Don’t forget to bookmark our online Veggie Guide so all the veggie info is at your fingertips!

About the Veggies this Week & Recipes:

Welcome to Squash Week!

This week is the start of Squash Season in your Veggie Lovers’ Club bags!

We’re starting you off with a Spaghetti Squash, because I wanted to make sure the 8 week members got one before your program ends, and because Spaghetti is everyone’s FAVOURITE it seems.  Not mine, but that just means more for you, right?!

How to cook Spaghetti Squash (the best way!)

Aunty Jayne’s Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash for a long time, this was the only way I had ever enjoyed Spaghetti Squash!  (There’s lots of yummy flavours to hide the fact that this squash is relatively flavourless 😛 )

Lots more squash coming soon in your bags if you’re in the 16- or 24-week programs!

img_3143Celery: I haven’t seen it yet because it is grown at Mom’s where there is more consistent irrigation.  But I expect it’s HUGE!  Please, make sure you follow the storage tips and store it in the fridge completely covered in a bag, or more likely a couple of bags!  We save ourselves oodles of not-fun time bagging celery and leave it up to you to do at home.  I often hear about people sticking veggies straight in the fridge without any cover and then telling me they wilted.  Ummm….  Yeah, don’t do that!!  Your fridge is designed to keep things cold and maintain low humidity.  It’s basically a big cold dehydrator.  Celery in the fridge without a plastic bag doesn’t stand a chance!

It needs to be completely covered, even the top.  I usually put it in a grocery bag, or use two produce bags to make sure it’s completely covered.

Also, if you find any internal damage to your celery when you start taking it apart, please let us know and we can get you a replacement or something else.  It happens, we try to watch for it, but it can be hard to detect.  There is one pest, tarnish plant bug, that sucks the juice from the interior leaves which kills them, then they turn brown and slimy.  There’s also a caterpillar that prefers it and will eat out the insides of the stems and turn them brown.  And there’s always the possibility of getting an underwatered plant with hollow stems.  We try to prevent this, but let us know if it’s not up to par, it helps us so much!

If you’re ever in your life going to try making Celery Soup, I recommend you use a big farm celery with lots of leaves like this one!

The last of the Sweet Onions!
We wanted to make sure you had some onions in your larder as we move into fall, so they will be coming regularly in larger amounts than in the summer.  This is the last of the Sweet Onions.  They store only until about Christmas at best, so we always make sure to sell them first and then move onto selling storage onions.  At market this week I plan to have mixed bags of all 3 types of onions, and that will be the last of the Sweet Onions, which are not all that sweet at this time of year anyway!

Rainbow Carrots: These often/always have green shoulder to some extent.  It won’t hurt you but it’s a bit of a culinary faux pas to eat them.  Every time I see green shoulder (the tops of the carrot sticks out of the ground and turns green from the sun), it reminds me of the time I went to a fancy horticultural society dinner in Nova Scotia where the chefs were provided with ingredients from the growers.  My board-mate was HORRIFIED to see the green shoulders of her rainbow carrots served on the plates!  She talked about it angrily in future board meetings, in fact I’ll bet she still is!

Because of that, our Rainbow Carrots come in a 3 lb bag instead of a 2 lb bag for the same price.  So cut ’em off and carry on, you’re not “wasting” anything!  (They also will NOT hurt you at all if you do eat them, the solanin that is produced in potatoes when they turn green makes them toxic, but this is a completely different process).

Cucumbers: Will be coming to an end VERY SOON, so enjoy this possibly last one in your bag!

The cilantro is beautiful right now!

Herb of your choice: How fun!!  I was laughing yesterday to Jon that there will be a few poor confused husbands today at the pickup when I tell them they have to choose a herb for the bag.  Then I asked Jon, “Would YOU know which one to choose from these choices?”.  Honestly, I like all herbs and could find a use for any of them, but he answered correctly with “Cilantro” (We use at least a bag a week of that).  So, if there’s still time, text your hubby or pickup partner and let them know your first and second choices for herbs and then they won’t have to blink confusedly at me!

Choices are: Cilantro, Baby Dill, Parsley, and in small amounts Thyme, Catnip, Sage, Basil, Mint.  I think by the time we got a few of everything there’s actually enough for most of you to take 2, so if you’re reading this, tell me “The Verb is Herb” at the pickup and you can take home 2 herbs of your choice! (Lol, side note that is the actual name of a cannabis shop in Massachusetts.)

WELCOME TO SQUASH SEASON!!  I decided to go big and make it Squash Week here at the farm.  Giving myself a theme really helps inspire me to post on social media more, and posting as much as I can in September pays off because we really notice a dip in market attendance.  People are out of their summer routines, kids are back in school, and we’re freezing and lugging heavy stuff around and still going strong!  In fact, the veggie trailer is most well-stocked at this time of year, and there are few line ups.  It’s the best time of year to visit us!


Well, as to the “freezing” part, we’re definitely not doing that!  What a beautiful past few days it’s been.  Feels like summer but all the fall colors are out and we’re finally on the final downhill of a long season.  Folks, we’re getting tired!  Jon and I were talking about it yesterday, how we’re on the last mile of a marathon which is why by the end of the day I feel tired deep in my bones and definitely less enthusiastic overall.  For instance, last week at market a man was looking at Beet Leaf Buns while his wife shopped for veggies.  He asked “Beet Leaf Buns?” and I replied, “Yep.”  I simply couldn’t bring myself to say “It’s-a-beet-leaf-wrapped-around-bun-dough-and-you-make-a-sauce-with-dill-and-green-onions-and-cream-to-pour-over-them” like I have repeated literally thousands of times before! Tired, but still laughing, and not focusing on how tired I am because that just makes it worse!

MusqueWe’re making good progress towards harvest and picking away at it each day.  It’s actually beneficial to wait until the squash leaves are zapped by frost to start harvesting (so you can find them!) and to leave them on the vines as long as possible, too.  Some of the larger varieties (Hubbard, Musque de Provence, Pink Banana) really benefit from as many days on the vine as possible as we barely have a long enough season to grow them.  The Musque didn’t make it last year, but they are looking good so far.  Yesterday I found one so big I had to pick it and bring it to the house so I could gaze at it this fall (they are BEAUTIFUL!).  It was half a pound shy of 30 lbs!!  We grow these for Chez Angela to use in all of their pumpkin things.  When ripe they are flourescent orange inside like the brightest cantaloupe!  These ones are Angie’s favourite to use and I’m glad they seem to be coming along well this year.

Spring Shoots Program Registration now open!Screenshot 2019-02-26 10.15.15Continue your Veggie Love by signing up for our Spring Shoots Program, beginning in March 2020.  For all the details, Click Here.

*Please note that we are unable to stock individual bags of shoots in Chez Angela (or anywhere) this winter due to new MB health regulations around microgreens.  So, this CSA-style program is the only way to access our shoots.  Believe me, you’ll be so happy to see something fresh and green come March!

That’s all for this week folks!  Oh, and 8 week members, I’ll be sending you some info about optional $75 3-week extensions tomorrow (Wednesday).  Your program ends next Tuesday September 24th otherwise!

Take care and see ya soon!

Teri 🙂


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