September 10 Veggie Lovers’ Club Newsletter

Hi folks!!

Your newsletter is complete below!  See you at the pickup from 4:30 – 6, rain or shine!

Pre-Order Form
There is a minimally stocked mini-market at the pickup, but you can also PLACE A PRE-ORDER to ensure that you get the items you want with your weekly bag.

Placing an order does NOT affect your weekly bag contents, anything you order is IN ADDITION, not “instead” of what is coming in your weekly bag.

Here’s the link to PLACE A PRE-ORDER for the September 17th pickup!  – Order deadline is Monday at noon!  **Please note the form has been giving some issues and so if you get an error message, you can just email us ( what you would like!

Spoiler Alert: If you would like to keep your bag contents a surprise, you should STOP READING NOW!!

The contents of the upcoming week’s bag are subject to change at the last minute, possibly without much notice, depending on harvest. It can be tough to estimate how much of a crop will be available before we actually harvest it freshly for your bag.  So, this posting is meant to give you a good idea of what is in your bag, but just be aware that it may change and we will do our best to let you know if that happens!  At the very least, the posting on the website will be updated prior to delivery with the actual contents for that week, so that you can check that you’ve received everything you are supposed to!

Last week’s bag!

Your September 10th Veggie Lovers’ Club bag contains (I see Potato Leek Soup and Greek Salad or Fresh Salsa in your future!):

German Butter Potatoes, 1.5 lb
Leek – large, 1
Tomatoes, Quart
Red Onion, large, 1
Peppers, 2
Garlic, large, 1
Jalapeno Peppers, 2
Cucumber, 1

You can click the links on the items above to view more info about each veggie including recipe & preparation suggestions, season, storage tips, and lots more!

Don’t forget to bookmark our online Veggie Guide so all the veggie info is at your fingertips!

About the Veggies this Week & Recipes:

In the summer, I almost always have a bowl of fresh salsa on the go.  It’s super easy to make and you have most of what you need in this week’s bag!  Simply dice up some tomatoes and then add finely diced onions, peppers, minced garlic, minced jalapeno pepper, some cumin, the juice of 1/2 a lime and chopped cilantro if you like it.  Roasted corn is a great addition, too.
If it’s going to sit for a while, sometimes I strain out some of the tomato juice (let it sit in a colander over a bowl for a while).  It keeps forever in the fridge, and goes well on everything!

Here’s Mom’s Leek & Potato Soup Recipe!

IMG_1593Note from the mice: There has been a big incursion of mice into the veggie fields lately.  We always have damage on our carrots and beets and usually squash too, but this year they are also getting into the cucumbers and melons.  We have tried to grade out all of the mouse chewed cukes but do watch for it!  (I eat the chewed ones all the time and haven’t died, but I imagine regular folks might not be into sharing food with a mouse!).  Worst case you can cut around it and carry on!
The farm cats have been very busy keeping up with the mice coming into the shed and house.  The worst part is when they get into vehicles.  There is a nest in the glove box of the car that we found when we parked in Winnipeg on Saturday!  So embarrassing.

Our German Butter Potatoes are showing more rhizoctonia on them as the season goes on.  Rhizoc is a fungal soil disease that is present in most of the soils here, especially if potatoes have ever been grown.  It shows up on your spuds as dirt that won’t come off without scrubbing it.  I would LOVE to send you potatoes without any rhizoc on them, but it would take forever as we wash them with the hose and the pressure isn’t enough to blast it off.  It won’t hurt you, and honestly, sometimes people who have been buying our potatoes for years say they’ve never even noticed it!  But I do recommend you scrub it off, as it can make your spuds taste gritty and nobody wants that!

We will be purchasing new seed for next year as I have seen this get worse each year on the German Butter, which at first seemed somewhat resistant to it.  We rarely save our own seed for anything, but we do often plant our own potatoes again because the specialty varieties can be hard to find and ship.

I don’t mean to only talk about issues we are having… Those are just a couple of things I wanted you to know about!  Overall, it’s been a fantastic growing season and we’ve been really happy with most of our crops.  We narrowly escaped frost on Saturday night and Mom got a bit at her place.  It zapped the top of the squash which will remind it to hurry up, and some tomatoes and cukes.  Frost is a comma near the end of the season before winter ends the sentence with a period of snow!

Extensions: Just an update, we plan to discuss the possibility of offering extensions to our 8- and 16- week members at today’s meeting – it depends on how much fall harvest we think we will have and how tired we are feeling.  Most likely we will definitely offer the option to keep placing orders from the pre-order form once your program ends.  If you are highly interested in an extension and you’re reading this, talk to me at the pickup or send me an email!

Farm Update: We found a farm sitter a couple weeks ago and so we are actually going away this winter, after the 24 week program ends, for 6 weeks of road tripping to the southwestern US!  I realized this weekend that I only left the farm three times since a year ago… Once for a Winnipeg trip in February, once for a conference in February, and once in March to visit friends in Cartwright.  So, it was SO NICE to have 2 nights in Winnipeg at an awesome airbnb this weekend, and I don’t even know what I’ll do with myself for 6 whole weeks away!

This trip was planned a few months back as a conscious way to help improve our lives: More road trips and less winter! It’s not really by choice that I don’t leave the farm, there’s just not a lot of opportunity to do so, nor are there funds for plane tickets or hotels.  We love the logistics of doing everything on a shoestring and living simply.  I feel like we work really hard to make our day to day life amazing, so most of the time I’m just happy to be home enjoying the life we’ve crafted here.  But I know that getting away will help me appreciate home in a different way, too.  We look forward to the break and the family bonding time!

This is Joan’s last week with us for her practicum.  We will continue to have Laryssa help us during market season and maybe past that for the fall harvest as well.  Janelle has found a full time job for winter and will be still helping evenings and weekends for a while.  The heaviest part of the season has yet to come, with all of our crops needing to be brought in.  Thousands of pounds of squash, carrots, potatoes, beets, tomatoes, melons, onions, leeks, tomatoes.  It’s actually nice for us once markets wrap up (final one is September 27th, so 3 more to go!), because then we have some time to get that work done.  Unfortunately the frost comes before then and half of the things on that list are frost-sensitive so the next 2 weeks are a bit bananas.  We are well rested and ready!

This Sunday is Open Farm Day in Manitoba.  I sent brochures out a couple of weeks ago in your bags and I’ll make sure to have some extra at today’s pickup with me!  We don’t participate as a farm but we will be attending: We plan to visit Ryan and Ali at Tamarack Farms near Erickson.

Jon and I with Skratch Bastid at his BBQ

Myrah had a great weekend at Grandma’s and she was very happy to see us both at daycare pickup yesterday!  I think Harper, the dog, thought we had left forever, she hasn’t left our sight since we returned!

Thanks Veggie Lovers, I look forward to seeing you today, and don’t forget to VOTE!!

Teri 🙂

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