Spring Salad Micro Mix


We ordered much of our seed for sprouting from Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds in Saskatchewan because they are nearby and over the years they have been a valuable resource and source of information for us.  The Spring Salad Micro Mix is a ready-made seed mixture from Mumm’s that contains: broccoli, radish, red clover, and alfalfa.

Season: We will probably keep this as a special production for our Spring Shoots CSA Program and future winter growing projects, but we may produce some for the early spring markets as well.

Storage Tips:  They should be rinsed just before use. We don’t wash any shoots at the farm as they degrade quickly when wet. If you get them home and there is condensation (wetness) in the bag, make sure to insert a piece of towel or switch them to a dry bag so they will keep well. They will store well covered (in a bag or container) in your fridge for a long time, but are best enjoyed within a week of when you buy them.


Preparation Tips: Broccoli sprouts contain high levels of the cellular detoxifier sulforaphane, which may prevent cancer and rejuvenate the immune system.  For more info on Sulforaphane, please visit Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s website here.  I heard her speak on an episode of JRE and really enjoyed the information.  I’m unsure if the shoots contain the same levels of sulforaphane as sprouted broccoli seeds, and I was so inspired by her interview that I started sprouting my own broccoli seeds at home for us to eat!  Remember, we don’t produce Sprouts on the farm.

The Spring Salad Mixture contains 4 different crops and you can see the difference in the size of them.  The smaller shoots were hard to harvest and so please do make sure you rinse them before use in case any potting soil is left behind.

This Spring Salad Micro Mix is mild flavoured and can be used on top of anything you like, mixed into salads, eaten on sandwiches — limitless possibilities!  It’s very tender so won’t stand up to much cooking.