Radish Shoots

We started growing radish shoots in the fall of 2018 when we were looking to expand our shoots offering!

We grow a red radish as well as a white radish (Kaiware).  Often we mix the two as we find they look really beautiful together!  They both have the nice zippy radish flavour.  Our logo has a radish in it, so it only makes sense that we now have a year-round version!  Our spring radishes are highly sought-after and enjoyed.

Season: We can grow these year round, but as with all of our Shoots, we focus on winter growing and so you will most likely find these outside of our main growing season (July – Oct), or as part of our winter Shoots CSA.

Storage Tips: Keep them in a bag or a container in the fridge.  If there is lots of condensation in the bag consider switching to a dry bag or putting a piece of towel in the bag to absorb excess moisture, which will cause them to spoil faster.

Preparation Tips: Always rinse your shoots just before use.  They degrade very quickly after washing so it’s best done just before you use them.  Radish seeds may contain the seed hulls which are soft and ok to eat (Unlike Sunflower Shoots which may require dehulling before consumption).  They may keep a long time in the fridge but they are best enjoyed within a week of when you purchase them.

Radish Shoots are a great addition to salads, especially ones that normally have radishes in them like potato salad or greens salad!  You can use them on top of soups and sandwiches, in a stir fry, on top of curries, or on top of basically anything. They are very tender and so are best cooked very minimally or not at all.

Here’s a Radish Dip Recipe that is a household favourite and can be substituted with Radish Shoots!