A CSA is a Promise


Mom and I at the 2016 Thanksgiving Veggie Lovers’ Club pickup. Myrah is on board already!

A CSA is a promise.
It’s one that we take really seriously on our farm. That’s why we limit our number of members each year and spend so much time planning our season in advance. We don’t follow the typical CSA financial model of payment in advance, but when our members sign up they give us a $20 deposit, which is like a handshake on that promise: We promise to supply vegetables, and they promise to pick them up and pay for them. Every CSA is different, but they all start with a promise.

We are really proud of the promises we fulfill in our Veggie Lovers’ Club CSA. A friend asked what we would have done if we’d been expecting our daughter in the middle of the season. As it was, Myrah arrived in May which was the latest time inside our “window of opportunity” that I was comfortable with: in the end, the timing was perfect as she slept a lot all season so we were able to work with her sleeping nearby in a stroller bassinet. Jon put in long hard days twice a week looking after her while I was at CSA pickup and at market.


Carrot inspector, Jan 2018

But if she’d been due in August? We wouldn’t have made the promise of a CSA that year.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our customers. CSA has changed our farm into an enterprise that can support our whole family. It has deepened our relationships with our best customers, increased our capacity, and it’s the perfect fit for marketing our labour of love. It is a promise that we take very seriously and work hard to fulfill each season.

Bottomless Thanks to all of you who are currently in the process of renewing your promise to our farm for this season.

(And, even if you aren’t the type for making promises, you can always visit us Fridays from mid June until the end of September at the market in front of Lady of the Lake!)