Week 13 Veggie Lovers Club Newsletter

Hi Veggie Lovers!

I’ll continue to update this header weekly as the most FAQ this time of year is “When does the CSA end?”:

If you are registered in the 16-week program, the final pickup is Tuesday Oct. 16th.

The 24-week program continues until Tuesday December 11th.

If you’re not sure which you are registered in, ask me at the pickup or send me an email and I can let you know!

Here’s the link if you’d like to place a Veggie pre-order!
You can place an order anytime before Monday at 5 pm for the coming week.

As we move into the fall season we encourage you to make use of the Pre-Order form if you would like additional veggies, herbs, preserves, pickles, etc.  It gets to be too cold to bring the mini market and so we will likely only have a limited mini market available until Oct. 16th, the final pickup for the 16-week CSA.  I rarely bring squash because it’s really hard to know what people will want without bringing 50 lbs or more so that I have a selection– So order if you want it!

The contents of the upcoming week’s bag are subject to change at the last minute, possibly without much notice, depending on harvest. It can be tough to estimate how much of a crop will be available before we actually harvest it freshly for your bag.  So, this posting is meant to give you a good idea of what is in your bag, but just be aware that it may change and we will do our best to let you know if that happens!  At the very least, the posting on the website will be updated prior to delivery with the actual contents for that week, so that you can check that you’ve received everything you are supposed to!

Spoiler Alert: Stop reading now if you want to keep your bag contents a surprise!

Week 12 bag

Your Week 13 Veggie Lovers’ Club bag  for pickup on Tuesday September 25 contains:

Delicata Squash, 2
Storage Onions, 2 lb bag
Beets, Rainbow bunch with tops
Specialty Mix Potatoes, 1.5 lb bag
Green Peppers, 2 – 3

You can click the links above to view more info about each veggie including recipe & preparation suggestions, season when it is available, storage tips, and lots more!  Don’t forget to bookmark our online Veggie Guide so all the veggie info is at your fingertips!

News from the Farm and Teri’s Veggie Lover Tips: 

I hope you’re enjoying all the great peppers this year!  Last night we enjoyed a stir fry for supper with mostly eggplant and peppers, those peppers are delicious!  It’s been a tough growing season as I’ve mentioned a couple times, but peppers have been the shining star this year.  At least something worked out.  If I had to sum up the weather this year in a sentence: 5 months between snow with two rains in between! Manitoba, you’re sure making it hard for Jon to learn to love you.


Thanks to member Erin for sharing these recipes.  I always wonder what you’re cooking with your veggies and I love when you share recipes like this so I can share them with everyone!

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash

Scalloped Potatoes with Leeks and Thyme

If anyone has any good Instant Pot recipes please share them with me as I have just gotten one.  I was planning to make friends with it on the weekend but couldn’t because the power was out.

Onions: We have a lot less onions for storage than we thought we had after getting them ready yesterday for your bags this week.  So, savour those ones, that will be the last time they are included in the 16-week bags likely!  Our bagged onions have been selling like crazy lately, so we will run out earlier than expected but it’s always nice to be done with a crop and to have found homes for all of it!  Janelle and I bagged the remaining onions into corn bags yesterday and relocated them to the shed for storage now that they are cured.  Only about 300 lbs left!

IMG_1438Delicata Squash: This is a very popular squash, especially over the past couple of years.  We decided to give you a couple of them this week in case you have a large family and so this gives you enough to make a larger recipe, or a full-size delicata squash blossom (pictured).  I love the flavours in this recipe as well as the look of it, of course!  This is a photo of one I made last year for Mom’s birthday (coming up soon on Oct 1!).  If you have a mandoline or a steady hand with the knife it’s much easier than it looks, I swear!

Beets: We wanted to give you beets with tops one last time before the tops freeze and that’s no longer an option.   This week we had to fit in Jon being at off-farm work all day Monday and so he was trying to get ahead Saturday and was harvesting beets while it was snowing.  He finally came in for lunch and I made him stop!  Then Janelle and I finished them yesterday, there was still snow on the ground when we started and so we grabbed them quickly from the fields and then brought them back to the shed and filled pails of warm water to clean them with, rather than freezing to death outside.  The tops are still nice and totally edible.

Have you ever had roasted beets served with the sauteed tops?  It’s like Beet nose-to-tail eating!

Reta, a member in the CSA, makes a very simple beet soup with very few ingredients, this is the method: peel and dice beets, saute in fat (coconut oil or butter) until caramelized, fill to just above the level of the beets with water or broth, cook until tender then blitz with an immersion blender, salt and pepper to taste.  I made some broth yesterday just so I can try this recipe!  When it snows and I just want to stay inside and make 10 different soups for the week it’s a cruel joke for the power to be out!

spudsThe Story of the Potatoes: These potatoes are special!  They barely worked out but I am so glad we have one week of specialty potatoes for you.  Truth be told, we planted what should have been enough for you to have a different variety for 4 weeks but the yield is so low we have four different varieties on one week instead!  We ordered the seed from Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes in Alberta, a farmer I know from our time in Calgary.  He grows 45+ different varieties of potatoes.  The ones in your bag this week are: Amarosa (all red, including the flesh!), Russian Blue (all blue, including the flesh), Bellanita (yellow) and Pink Fir Apple Fingerling (pink skin, yellow flesh).  Anyhow, they are a gorgeous mixture of colors and shapes and they are all selected for their flavour as well as their neat colors.  For best results with any colored veggie, roast rather than boil to best preserve the color!  I can’t imagine the color would be very appetizing if you boiled and mashed the whole bag (purple + red + yellow?), but if you do send me a photo so I can see it!

On that note, we are awaiting news from George and Barb from Grand Valley Strawberries as to when they have dug their potatoes for the year.  Once they do we will get some in stock and have more potatoes available than we have had up until now.  Ours did pretty poorly and are in short supply, I imagine George and Barb may find a similar result so this is all pending the harvest.  It’s so hard to know until you bring it all in from the fields!


The big news this weekend is that we got snow.  A lot more of it than Brandon did, as we learned when we went into town to find some breakfast on Sunday (if you haven’t had the Sunday breakfast buffet at Komfort Kitchen, it’s worth the drive!!).  It has all melted now and actually we still haven’t had enough frost to kill my petunias on the front step!  We also had our power lines arc and fall to the ground so the power was out for nearly 24 hours until a Hydro crew came and restored the lines, which also affected our two closest neighbors (augh, sorry!!).  This is a regular occurence at our place and so this time we were ready with candles and a generator and batteries, etc.  I think what happened is a wet heavy branch laid across the lines and then they arced and blew up: we watched it happen, it looked like lighting striking.

We made a bit of a mistake that I want to share.  It’s a bit embarrassing but if we made this mistake anybody could, so I’d rather share it and feel a bit stupid but nobody dies.  We were running our little Honda generator in the garage (which has more holes in it than it does sides!) for about half an hour in the morning, to boil water, charge some batteries and run a little heater.  When we came home (genny had been off for hours) the carbon monoxide detector was going off upstairs.  At this point Myrah was at my Mom’s and so we were all safe and we vented the house and it was all fine.  I didn’t realize that generators put out so much carbon monoxide.  Like, 100 cars’ exhaust worth said one source.  Anyhow, that’s how people die, and I’m so glad I bought that alarm years ago when we moved into our little cabin when we first landed in NS!  Don’t run generators in any enclosed space and have a carbon monoxide detector, lesson learned and thankfully everyone was safe!

The last market is this Friday!!  What does that mean for you?  If you’re registered in our Veggie Lovers’ Club, the end of markets only means your farmers will look slightly less tired at the pickup location (eventually).  You can still place pre-orders and shop from the mini-market until Oct. 16th.  In fact, we encourage you to!  We have more time for getting orders together at this time of year and we’re happy to have the additional sales.  The remaining inventory is reserved for you.  I don’t anticipate we will have much available beyond that so stock up before it’s too late!


IMG_1960 (Edited)
Last carrot harvest 2017

No matter the year we always look forward to the end of markets as it allows us the needed time to bring in all of the remaining storage crops.  I estimate we have 2,000 lbs of carrots yet to bring in and 500 lbs of beets, hundreds of leeks, a few hundred lbs of parsnips, celeriac and still some potatoes.  We will finish that as quickly as possible after this Friday so that we can be ready for the next snow, which may stick around.  Most years we end up working the last couple of days in the snow.  This photo is from the last carrot harvest last year.


Thanks for reading as always, and see you tonight at the pickup!

Teri 🙂


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