IMG_0299Fresh local peppers have so much more flavour than those blocky, tasteless, watery grocery store peppers!

Did you know a green pepper is just an unripe red, orange, or yellow pepper?  Generally our season isn’t long enough to coax some color into these. Regardless of if they are green or colored, the FLAVOUR just oozes from these beauties, and pay attention to how CRISPY they are when you cut into them. That’s fresh!!

Season: We can have peppers from July until October, but this is not a crop we grow very much of due to unpopularity at the markets.  Most of our pepper sales are in tomato canning season.

Storage Tips: Keep in the fridge covered in a container or plastic bag. Once cut, peppers will degrade rapidly and so use any cut pieces within 3 days. When intact, peppers will keep a long time in the fridge.