Red Onions


What’s the difference between a purple onion and a red one? Semantics– they are the same. So, call it what you like!

Many recipes call for a “sweet red onion” because red onions are supposed to be sweet, but our northern climate doesn’t produce sweet red onions, which need a longer day length and growing season than we have (which is why we grow the white sweet onions). So, if your recipe calls for a sweet red onion, use a white sweet onion and use your red one for cooking or grilling.

Season: We start harvesting our Red Onions fresh in August, and they go until Christmas or until we run out.

Preparation Tips: We highly recommend grilling your red onion: simply brush slices with olive oil, grill on medium indirect heat for 15 minutes, turning once. The process will bring out the flavour of the onion and make it soft and sweeter.

Storage Tips: Onions are an ethylene-sensitive food, so store them away from potatoes, ripe tomatoes, bananas and apples, all ethylene-producers (they will cause the onions to degrade and sprout more quickly). If your Red Onions are fresh with green tops they need to be stored in the fridge, as they do not have cured skins to protect them. In the fall, our onions are cured and can be stored in the cupboard.