Herb: Parsley

Parsley, like all fresh herbs, is highly underrated! The easiest way to make anything you’re making taste DELICIOUS is to add fresh herbs: dried just doesn’t cut it! Not everyone loves herbs, but everyone should! To me, herbs are what make the difference between a “meh” dish and one that knocks people’s sock off. Freshness is key, so purchasing your herbs from us guarantees that you are getting the freshest product available.
At the very least, you can eat parsley when your breath is feeling not-so-fresh. Parsley contains natural elements that combat bad breath, especially from onions and garlic.

Season: Parsley is available from early spring until well past frost. We often freeze some and have it available year-round!

Storage Tips: Put your parsley into a plastic bag in the fridge, or you can trim the ends and stand it up in a glass of water in your fridge: that will make it easy to snap off a couple of sprigs as needed, and hard to forget it’s in there!

Preparation Tips: Sprinkle some parsley on top of soups; chop and add to salads to make all the flavours pop; add at the last second to stews, stir-fries, or soups; nibble parsley as a natural breath freshener; add to latkes (potato pancakes), or fritattas, or omelettes; or feature the flavour and make a tabbouleh salad.