Cilantro is one of those herbs where you either LOVE IT or HATE IT. I developed a tolerance for this strong-smelling herb over years of being determined to like it. I can take it in small doses now and actually miss if I don’t have it on burrito night! I still can’t handle cilantro pesto, but if you love it, Cilantro is a great leafy herb to use for making pesto!

Season: Cilantro is ready in early spring and goes all season until frost.

Storage Tips: Store Cilantro in the fridge in a plastic bag. It will keep up to a week, and should be washed before you use it.  Wash just before use, not before as it speeds up the decay and increases the chance of chill damage in the fridge. With fresh herbs, we try not to wash them unless they are excessively muddy, as it spoils the flavour and keeping quality.

Preparation Tips: Cilantro, like basil, is best friends with tomatoes. It’s strong flavour goes well with spicy foods and is a great pairing with salsa. It also works well in salad dressings, pesto, and soups. Not everyone loves this herb, so if you are cooking for a family, proceed with caution until you know if they love it or not!

The best way to preserve tender herbs like basil, baby dill, parsley, and cilantro is to freeze them. You can freeze them as is in a freezer bag (they may turn black) or process them with olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays (an extra set you are not using for ice if you have one, they make a mess!), for easy addition to soups, stews, and sauces in the winter when these herbs aren’t available.


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