Vegetable Marrow Squash in Sauce Recipe

DSC01070Vegetable Marrow is a large, white skinned and white fleshed squash that can be eaten young (like a zucchini), or grown until the skin is hard and it becomes a very mildly flavoured storage squash.  It can be cooked for savoury dishes and also made into a preserve (like the citron preserve).  We grow them mainly because they were our old next door neighbour’s favourite.  He has since passed away, but there is a contingent of (mostly elderly) folks who continue to come to us for this traditional squash.

If you’ve been following my adventures with Vegetable Marrow this season, you’ll know that it’s not my favourite of the squashes!  I’ve found it not as good as other types in some of my standard “squash” applications.  Lately I’ve been missing zucchini and eyeing it up– definitely makes a good substitute when large zucchini is not available (I plan to grate it into spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, et cetera).

However, Mom made it the way our old neighbour Doug used to eat it this week and I think we’re onto something!  Here’s the recipe:

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-04 24447 PM

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