Vegetable Marrow Squash

DSC01070This is a vegetable marrow squash, back in June when they were of a reasonable size and now they’ve turned into these cream coloured, hard-skinned behemoths.  I took three to market today and broke one of my rules– I always like to know what to do with the produce I am selling.  I eat everything, and I LOVE squash of all types, but I have yet to make friends with this cucurbit, which can be eaten young like a zucchini, or left to harden off like a winter squash.  We tried to make friends on July 10 with the assistance of my BBQ:

DSC01135 DSC01136 DSC01139

The problem was, (a) I waited too long and it was seedy and the skin was a bit tough, and (b) it didn’t have much flavour, so I covered it in fine Dutch Gouda brought direct from the Netherlands by my Auntie Joan — Which in my opinion was a waste of good cheese!  We found it watery and bland (and not even in the same league as the zucchini I BBQ’ed at the same time for comparison!).  I’m kind of afraid to try it again, the name has never appealed to me, but I am determined to figure out what makes it shine!

Those who know it come to the market and snap it up immediately.  So, calling all veggie lovers, in particular you vegetable marrow lovers– What is the best way to eat this squash??  Please email your recipe to or post it to Facebook.

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